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Here's the little guest towel I stitched for our tiny downstairs half bath, it's my first Paula Vaughan!

And this, although stitched some time ago, hangs in that bathroom as well...

And these two were recently mailed off to Becca and Sylvie...

Now,back to stitching, so I can hopefully show off something NEW!!
30th-Jun-2007 07:48 pm - PIF...
Well, I read so many lovely stitching blogs on a regular basis, and just today I signed up for a Pay It Forward (PIF) on one. The stipulation was that, if you wish to receive you should be willing to give. So here we go...

My talents can not match up to some others I have seen, but I would be more than willing to send off my own little stitchy PIFs to the first 5 people to post to the comments section of this blog entry. I can guarantee you that, although my PIFs won't be museum quality by any means, I do love to stitch and embellish and am certainly capable of finishing things off...if not professionally, at least in the manner of a slightly talented amateur. (Smile.)

So, who wants to receive a little PIF from me?
20th-Jun-2007 05:51 pm - Shows You What I Know...
So a Size Three is HUGE on the little daycare cutie...and I mean enormously, engulfingly HUGE!! So I tried again, and even the Size Two is going to be too big...this little girl is a petite little thing!

So now Sylvie has two new dresses, and they're pretty danged cute if I do say so myself. Becca has seen the Mermaid one and is supremely jealous, so I will be making one in her size, as well.

Here are the dresses...not perfect, but adorable just the same!

17th-Jun-2007 09:58 am - UGH!!! So Frustrating!!
I thought I'd spend some time stitching yesterday, and I had a real yearning to work on Mirabilia's "Titania". I stitched her arm, and found out I was off by one. I ripped it out, restitched it, and got it right. Moved on to her hair. Got that without incident, and moved onto the other arm. And I can NOT get it right!! It's been stitched, ripped, restitched, ripped again, restitched...and it's STILL wrong!!! I want to throw her across the room at this point, but I have settled for just packing her away for another day. Sigh...I wanted to make some genuine progress on her, and it just isn't happening!

So I think I may sew today. I sewed last Sunday, making a scrub top for one of the parents at work. It was a new pattern to me, and a little tricky since I haven't sewed a garment in some time, but I persevered and it turned out really beautifully!! Pretty fabric, summery and bright. The pattern was adorable, not just an average scrub top but one with a cute neckline and elastic in the back, etc. Really, it was so sweet!

And it doesn't fit her. I forgot about sewing patterns not really matching up...size-wise...to plain old Wal-Mart clothing sizes. The damned thing is too small. It's too small for her, too small for me, and too large for anyone else I could give it to. *&%#*$(#!!!!! (Yes, that's me cussing!)

Hopefully I will have better luck today. Well, I can pretty much guarantee it. I am making a little sundress for my little preschool girl. I found some pretty "Little Mermaid" fabric and a very simple, sweet pattern for a sundress at Wal-Mart Friday night so I bought it. Now this time, I am making it a size three...the little girl at preschool is itsy-bitsy for her age, but I think a size three will work. The lucky advantage is, if it doesn't fit her, I can send it off to Sylvia and it WILL fit her!! Maybe this time, I am guaranteed a little success...I can use some 'round about now!

A picture of the girls for good measure...I think they look adorable!

3rd-Jun-2007 12:56 am - Cinderella, Cinderella...
Finally, finally, a FINISHED finish!!! I stitched Cinderella for Rebecca quite some time ago, but now it has been finally made into the little purse she wanted...a shoulder bag, no less, since the Princess Rebecca so commanded me. Here it is, all trimmed in frou-frou maribou-type trim, and with a fabric on the back that mirrors the front excellently. It isn't perfect, but I think it's fabulous, anyway!!

27th-May-2007 10:00 am - Slowly, slowly...
Yes, I am still around...it may not seem like it, as I have become a very boring, bad blogger, but here I am. It has been three weeks since I blogged...homework, job, housework, stitching, and various other things have kept me from blogging nearly as much as I would like, and I haven't even scanned or photographed any of my stitching, either. Depression? Maybe...

I finished several small pieces from a Leisure Arts book. Four were made into flat folds as gifts for my teachers, one will be sent overseas as a gift. I am also currently stitching the name "Luke" in a cute little robot alphabet that is a royal pain in the behind...I have ripped the "U" out twice already, and am threatening to trash it if I have to rip it out one more time!

I'm feeling really frustrated this month. Despite a strong desire to get it done, we still haven't completely finished unpacking and putting everything away yet. My older daughter blew off Mother's Day as if it never existed, or maybe as if she didn't have a mother. I haven't heard from her all month. I'm cranky at work (just with my boss, not with the kiddos), and I know that isn't smart, but I can't seem to get into a good, steady mood.

So, here is my entry...fun, isn't it?
Did anybody ever watch "Hee Haw" as a kid? Remember that song, "Gloom, despair and agony on me, Deep dark depression, excessive misery, If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all, Gloom, despair, and agony on me."? No? It's just me? Yeah, well...

It isn't actually as bad as all that, not really. We are having some problems with our new neighbors, who seem to have taken an instant dislike to us...either that, or they're just idiots. They park in our parking spaces, slam doors, cuss at each other in loud voices, and tonight when I got out of the cab coming home, someone was peeking out of the blinds of the front door at me. Not a quick, "who's out there?" peek, but a long, watch me walk from the street to the front door stare. Weird. They'll stand outside with their car stereo thumping, which I totally don't understand, and they beat on the porch railings while they're standing there. Why? I'm thinking it's to try and be obnoxious...they are pretty strange.

My blood sugar is higher than I'd like, but then again, I haven't exactly been being very careful about my diet since I've been stressed out with the move and the money situation and everything. And the arthritis is intensely painful. Not only that, but it has rained nearly every day for the past week, and is supposed to rain all this week, too. Anybody know a good ark builder???

No stitching pics yet, although I have two finishes...a cute little towel with a Paula Vaughan floral on it for the downstairs half bath, and LHN's "Cherries", which is finished but not "finished" finished. Hopefully there will be a bit of sun tomorrow and I can get pics...we're having scanner problems, too, did I mention that? And the CD driver isn't working on the computer, either.

It never rains but it pours. Literally!!

ETA: Oh, gosh!!! I completely forgot about this picture!! This is Becca at her very first T-Ball game (she just turned four). She got the game ball, now how cool is that??? Obviously she does NOT come by her athletic genes by way of her grandma, who came darned near to failing gym class! I'm about as graceless and uncoordinated as a three-legged, one-eyed elephant!!

And here are a couple of other pics from the game, too...including little Sylvie watching.

15th-Apr-2007 01:00 pm - Stitching again...FINALLY!!
Nothing to show yet, but after a couple of really heinously hectic weeks, I am finally able to get a little stitching done again, and I am so glad! I had to find my thumb stabilizer (without which stitching is pure agony), and the new townhouse is as yet not completely unpacked, but I am making progress on that, too.
Hope to be able to scan and post a progress pic or two tomorrow...til then, here are a couple pics of the girls hunting Easter eggs.

Hee hee hee...and Sylvia helped dye the eggs...looks like she enjoyed herself, eh??

5th-Apr-2007 02:27 pm - Well, we're movin' on up....
...I don't know my east from my west until the sun sets, though, so I don't know if we're moving on up to the east side or not...but we are definitely movin' on up!!

We came home from work one day last week to discover an ABUNDANCE of mouse droppings in the kitchen. (Um, yeah...needless to say, we hadn't been in the kitchen much in quite a while...it's small, musty, and not nice to cook in, so we don't!) Well, my daughter, who is pathologically afraid of mice (as if I'm much better!) started crying and trembling, and even though we set traps, cleaned like maniacs, and put out all manner of poison, we kept finding droppings the next couple of nights. We decided that was our last straw...we didn't much like a lot of things about that apartment...okay, all we DID like is the cheap rent and the nice landlord...so we decided to start looking for something new.

Saturday I was babysitting and looked in the newspaper to find a listing for a townhouse that was within our budget. We drove over to take a look at the outside and liekd what we saw...contacted the owner on Sunday to see the inside and filled out our applications the same day.
Processed Monday, approved Tuesday, lease signed Wednesday...and we are moving in this weekend!

Rush rush rush...wow. But we will finally , after three years, have a dishwasher and garbage disposal again. Heather has her own room again. And we finally will have enough closet space to get everything put away again. And the nice little bonus of an extra half bath...wonderful!!

So you won't see me for a while...no internet til next week, and then Tuesday is class night, so it'll be nearly a week before I'll be back online. Wish us luck...we are going to need it to get this all done!!!
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